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Into the Future
[ Feb 8, 2008 ]
Jayson "The Candyman" Polad spends 8 years of a 15 year stint in Joliet. Charges? Just bein a cat. Breaks out of prison the day before his release to see the Cubs lose game 7 in the World Series in 2016. But has an amazing adventure along the way. Breaks back into prison with the help of Charles Grodin, a ferrari, and a dress. Its a long story.

Jim "Tex" Wechman spends his silver years raising cattle on a dude ranch. Later strikes black gold and moves to Beverly. Beverly Illinois, that is. Crack pipes. Seedy bars.

Tank Repo releases his long awaited solo project 'Order in the Choat' which becomes a cult hit with the Ingwie crowd. In a rage, releases the followup 'The Cereal Fornicator' which is bought up by Clown-O's breakfast company jingle department. Last seen harrassing hippies outside the Side Street Saloon.

Fred 'Fats' Loniello is tragically wounded in the 2nd Franco-Prussian war of 2010. Emotionally wounded that is. Goes bankrupt in 2013 waiting for wedding gifts. Further emotional trauma ensues. Strikes it rich in 2014 when FireFly patent is bought by Parker Brothers.

Club Dario is sued by Club Dario (Los Angeles) and loses rights to his name. His lawyer is largely thought to have cost him the case by refusing to wear pants. Flitters aimlessly from name to name before settling on Danger Danio. Oddly this becomes a major stepping stone to becoming military dictator of Columbia (2009-2011). His grave has never been located.

Joe 'The Llama' Ruzicka finally realizes dream project by fronting "George A Romero's Band of the Dead". After 6 months of relentless practice and costume design, opening night goes horribly wrong when Ruzicka is arrested for killing five of his band mates and leaving one with a permanent limp. To this day he maintains he was acting in self defense, "Fucking zombies man. You cant take any chances. Just asking to get shot walking around like that". Blames his attorney for forcing him to wear pants while testifying.

Mark "E.B." Buehner acknowledges a long suspected rumour that he was born with congenital deafness. Achieves later fame in 2011 producing Jessica Simpson's most highly regarded album. Collaberation ends when EB takes a swing at Tony Romo while screaming about Fantasy Football 2006. Unindicted co-conspirator in the Band of the Dead Massacre. Suspected of masterminding Columbian military junta of 2009 as well as igniting the 2nd Franco-Prussian war. Acknowleded controlling partner in Clown-O's, and relief pitcher for the Boston Redsox.

<Геттинг хаммеред житх Тхен Агаин
[ Nov 21, 2007 ]
pinkkhan.jpg <И спеак Спанисх то мы Год, Италиан то жомен, Френцх то мен, анд Герман то мы хорсе>
<Же гот тоталлы лит анд И жоке уп ундернеатх мы хорсе. Нотхинг хаппенед! Сериоуслы ыоу сицкос. Тхе партс оф тхе нигхт И ремембер жере претты сжеет. Иое пут он мы фурры хелмет анд тхен стаббед Иим житх а спеар. Хилариоус. Танк процеединг то поунд тен РБВс анд го то ВИПс невер то бе сеен агаин. Буехн кицкед Обади ин тхе баллс. Греатест нигхт евер. Томоррож же сацк Волга>

Then Again Builds Musical Resume
[ Dec 14, 2006 ]
taresume.jpg From time to time there is a band that truely eclipses expectations. A band that can perform with the best and standout above all others. I have been searching for a band with such qualities for years. The following article in no way relates to that search...

After many years of practice and playing in Joe's dad's basement, Then Again has finally prepared a long awaited, highly requested, and frighteningly thorough video resume of itself.

I caught up with axman Jim "The Mighty Wecheldite" Wechman during loadout one night, "Yeah, we've been working to get something that we could give to people interested in booking us, but had not heard us before."

Keytickler, Club "Club Dario" Dario added, "...perro no one really has any idea why we don't already tenemos something put together, hombre. No es como we all don't have nuestros personal cam corders set para recordar our every move during cada show. ¿Comprendeme hermano?"

Why then, would such a mediocre band have nothing to show for its years of recordings?
"...because I ate them all!!!" yelled axman The "Tank" Tank.

Finally, soundman El "Mark" Buehn cleared things up, "Look, first I must say that I am a quite literally a doctor of all media formats. I have a degree in Sound Ass Kicking! My point is this; there is no media quite ready for a Then Again show. You record only audio, and it sounds as if the band has never practiced a day in its life. You add video and you wonder why such cute looking guys are not running a cheerleading camp. See, what you're missing is the question itself, 'What is a recording supposed to record?', and therein lies your problem, and your answer."

Thoroughly confused, I found bass man and prolific hat wearer, Joe "Make coffins not love" Ruzicka to help me understand why I was still standing in the back alley. "Hey buddy, why don't you pick up a few of those cases and bring them up here, we don't have all night."

Unable to be reached for comment were singer Jay "Jankey" Polad and drummer Fred "Frankey Backey" Loniello who were reportedly at Falcos firing each other or talking quietly. They did forward me the following email:

Finally we have something to give to the interested fans of Then Again. A first view of Then Again in high definition, prepared just for you, our fans. Special thanks go to a man who may only be referred to as Oager. Enjoy the THEN AGAIN VIDEO RESUME by clicking HERE.

Scoobs McDoogal
-AAA Travel Magazine

Wechman and Club D make the final cut
[ Dec 22, 2005 ]
After an unnexpected 'cleansing' of the band, who's still standing?
Although Joe, Tank, Fred, and Jay all got the axe, Original member Jim Wechman and the band's newest addition Dario will be staying on board to continue the legacy of Chicago's favorite band.
Wechman had these remarks: "To be honest, I won't miss them. It will be nice to play with proper musicians again."
Rumors have been circulating that among the many changes that are to come, the band's name will be altered to fit the new changes.
I give you. . .THEN ATHEFT!!! The greatest shitty cover band since Then Again.

THEN AGAIN brings new bass player on board
[ Dec 21, 2005 ]
Well folks, it happens about every other year with this band. Out with the old, in with the new,. . .and in this case, IMPROVED.

Rick gave rise to Kip, who later gave rise to Fred. Schmidty gave rise to no one, no one gave rise to Schmidty, and then Schmidty gave rise to Dario. So who left???

Its official: Joe has left the band to pursue new interests. So who will fill his shoes and enormously large hats?

We'd like to welcome Local bass phenom Greg "Double G" Gardner to the family. Gardner is actually an old friend and childhood lover of ex-bass man Ruzicka. The two grew up learning how to play bass from the greats such as Nikki Six and Bobby Dall.
Gardner has been holding down the bass for local band Identity Theft, for the past couple years. When I asked him if it was a hard decision to make the jump over to Then Again he had these words to say:
"Oh yeah, it was a real hard decision. I had to think long and hard for about 4 seconds! Look asshole, here's one thing you sheep need to learn about me: It's all about looking out for NUMERO UNO! I'm movin up in the world and I hope my FORMER band-mates have a good time burning in my flames. I'm on FIRE BABY! WOOOOOOH!"

Many are wondering why Ruzicka made the decision to leave in the first place. Reclusive in nature, he didn't have much to say other than "I'm finally gonna follow my dreams".

Although his whereabouts are not known, rumors have been circulating that he moved into the old abandoned castle up on Lookout Point. Late at night a dim light can be seen and the faint sounds of carpentry can be heard.

"He didn't tell me anything. He just kept saying he was gonna rebuild 'it'. That 'it' would be bigger and better than before. Then he lit himself on fire and jumped into the friggin river. We haven't seen him since." said former band-mate Tank Repo.

Wherever you are Joe, we hope you are in good health and spirit. But know that you will be missed by dozens of fans. You follow that dream sweet prince.

See you on NYE!

Scoobs McDoogal
-MBLA Magazine

Halloween Show was THRILLING, but Needed More Cowbell
[ Oct 31, 2005 ]
Another Halloween has come and gone, but the memories will last for hours to come. Each year the band is put to the test of coming up with something that is fresh and sweet for the special night. Years past have included such gems as superheroes, a band of bishops, and a smorgasbord of characters that included Gene Simmons, baby Spider-man, and a gay mime. But no one was ready for the magnificence that graced the stage this year. An interview with the costume manager, Joe Ruzicka, revealed the secrets of their success.

JB: So what made you guys decide on going as a bunch of guys who were all involved in a horrible skiing accident?
Ruzicka: We were mummies you asshole.
JB: Right. . . And a convincing bunch at that. But why would mummies go skiing?
Ruzicka: I hate you.
JB: There were several cool aspects that you guys added to the show for the spooky night. Who's idea was it to play "Thriller"?
Ruzicka: It was a collective decision, but in the end, it was me. I take all credit.
JB: Wouldn't it have made more sense if Jay dressed up as Michael Jackson for that?
Ruzicka: Uhhh, he did.
JB: Right, I knew that. Great costume! Who built the coffin?
Ruzicka: Again, that was me. It took me three
JB: Great! How bout that costume contest!
Ruzicka: We thought the costumes were great. I noticed Dark Helmet waiting in line when I walked into the bar earlier in the night and I knew he was going to win. That costume was perfect!
JB: You guys had a bit of a scare there at the end of the night. What happened?
Ruzicka: Jay had a family emergency at home and had to leave. The crowd was still pumped up so we decided to just keep going.
JB: Was everything all right?
Ruzicka: Yeah, turns out someone lit a bag of human poop on his doorstep.
JB: How do you know it was human poop?
Ruzicka: You can tell. But back to the show. . .I guess it really puts things into perspective doesn't it? I mean I proved to the world that any idiot can get up in front of a microphone and be a lead singer, but to be a bass player. . . now that takes talent.
JB: Right. You really have your hands full with those 4 strings don't you.
Ruzicka: I'll see you in the parking lot motherf#*ker!

One can't help but wonder what they will come up with next year. I've seen them all since the very beginning, but this one will definitely stay with me for a while,. . .or at least through the weekend.
Come out and see me at Pumpkin Charlie's Records and Rims this Thursday for the signing of my new book "Why SLAYER Is Totally Better Than Your Mom".

-JB Noodles
Nintendo Power Magazine

Bass Player Can't Buy A Clue
[ Oct 27, 2005 ]
Wow!! What will it take to get a new story put up in the news section?

Body of Bass Player Drawn and Quartered
[ Oct 3, 2005 ]
Apparently refusing to take a hint, the body of Then Again's bass player was drawn and quartered after refusing to update the news section on the website. Sadly, no one cared as Ruzicka was ripped limb from limb.

Bass Player Killed By Despotic Guitar Player After Failing to Update Website
[ Sep 28, 2005 ]
I think the title of the article says it all.

THEN AGAIN dons a 'New Look'
[ Jul 22, 2005 ]
If you're reading this article, then you've probably already noticed that the website has been re-vamped: New look, new style, new features, same old ugly orange color.
So why the over-haul? Was the old site really that bad? Did people really hate that fish? Don't these guys have anything better to do with their time and money?
I had a chance to drill some of the guys on the subject and they shared their deepest, darkest secrets with me on the matter.

Scoobs McDoogal: So what’s the deal guys? Why the overhaul?
Fred: The old site was just getting old. It looked and felt really old and we just thought that is was way too old-looking.
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Who designed the new site for you guys?
Fred: Mark Kearns from Hand Carved Graphics designed it. He actually came to us a couple months ago and told us how crappy and stupid our old site looked and asked if he could play around with some ideas for us. We liked his stuff so we decided to fire our old webmaster and bring Kearns on board.
Scoobs: Wasn't he the same guy that did the old website?
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Uh. . .ok. How much did this cost the band?
Fred: We had to haggle a bit with him but we think we got him down to a reasonable rate. In the end we settled on a monthly payment plan. I think we are paying something like $5,000 a month for 36 months.
Scoobs: That's ridiculous! That's like $180,000. Don't you think you over-paid a bit?
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Why did you guys decide to get rid of the fish logo?
Fred: Mainly because it was attracting too many stupid Phish fans. They would come up to the stage and be like, "Hey man, can you guys play Truckin'?"
Joe: Yeah. . . .Stinkin' hippies.
Scoobs: Fair enough. OK, last question. Why all these changes, but then keep the same ugly orange color as your base?
Fred: That's easy. Everyone knows that orange is the most brilliant and easily recognized wavelength in the visible light spectrum for the human photoreceptors.
Scoobs: Ahhh,. . .so its a rods and cones issue then.
Fred: No you idiot, just cones. Everyone know that rods only help to distinguish between various shades of gray.
Joe: Yeah. . . .idiot.
Scoobs: Oh, sorry. How stupid of me. Well guys, the new site looks great. I hope the masses like it.

So there you have it folks. Straight from the technical administrators mouths. The new and improved '': Modern, hip, pointless, . . .orange.

See you on the battlefield!

-Scoobs McDoogal
PC and Guns Magazine

[ Jun 25, 2005 ]
What a night! As someone who grew up worshiping the rock gods such as METAL CHURCH, CANIBAL CORPSE, and POISON, it was a real treat to watch the boys from THEN AGAIN share the stage with Brett Michaels. I slipped the VIP host a 5 and managed to make my way up to the “green area” to talk with the band after the show.

What was it like playing with a real rock star like Brett?
Tank: We got BRAS and PANTIES thrown at us on stage! PANTIES!!!
Polad: It was really great. The crowd was ready to rock and we got the engines started. Brett came out and kept the show going, then we came back on and finished them off. . . .and we got PANTIES thrown at us.

Are there any more Brett Michaels/Then Again tour dates scheduled at this point?
Wechman: Well, they didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the look in their eyes that they wanted us to join the tour full time. This is totally unconfirmed and unsubstantiated, but I would bet the lives of everyone I care about that we will joining the tour.
Isn’t it true that they packed up and left right after the show?
Wechman: Yeah,. . .so. That doesn’t mean anything. . . There were PANTIES on the stage for god sake!
Brett opened the show with “Talk Dirty to Me”, you guys closed the night with it. Was that in bad taste?
Tank: Totally. . .and intentional. Now lets get back to these PANTIES. They were pink and the smelled of lilacs.
Isn’t it possible that someone just threw them on stage as a joke?
Ruzicka: No
Polad: No
Fred: Nunca
Club D: Nope
Tank: NO
Wechman: Well,. ..I guess, . . .I mean, . . .wait. . . .NO. Absolutely not.

Guys, it was me. I threw them on stage. I bought them at target before the show as a joke.
Ruzicka: This interview is over.

Truly an unforgettable night! Lots of rock, hair spray, and yes. . .PANTIES.

Let’s see if the boys can get another undergarment for the collection on July 8th at Bourbon Street. See you there!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Woman’s Life Magazine

Then Again Hits the Big Easy
[ May 18, 2005 ]
Well it's not quite New Orleans, but it is the closest thing you'll find to it in these parts. 115 Bourbon Street is a Mardi Gras Themed play land for adults that features a restaurant, sports bar, live music, nightclub, outdoor beer garden, and a game room. No matter what your fancy, 115 has your fix. Located in Merrionette Park, Then Again was excited to get back to the famed "South Side" of Chicago.

I had a chance to sit down and talk to the boys after the gig. Here's what they had to say:

Scoobs: I heard this is your first time at 115 Bourbon Street. Is that right?
Loniello: Actually, we have played here before, (about 4 years ago I think) but it was for an unsigned band contest and there were only about 30 people here.
Scoobs: Isn't it true that you weren't even in the band at that point? So why do you say "we"?
Loniello: Go to hell.
Scoobs: So what did you think of the show?
Wechman: It was great! I saw some girls there that I haven't seen since I coached cheerleading camps back at NIU.
Scoobs: Weren't they in high school at that time? Doesn't that make you really old?
Wechman: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Jay, weren't you a male cheerleader too?
Polad: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Ooookaaayy. On to other stuff. You guys haven't been out to the "south side" in a while. Why?
Repo: Because Jay is a die-hard Cubs fan and he would be crucified if south-siders found out.
Scoobs: But you played here just the other night and nothing happened. How do you explain that? Jay even wore two different Cubs hats and still came out unscathed.
Repo: Hmmmmm. . .oh, I know! . .Go to hell.
Scoobs: You guys seem a little edgy today. Why?
Ruzicka: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Alrighty. So we are looking forward to a second show at Bourbon Street on July 8th. Any plans past that?
Polad: We are hoping to make 115 Bourbon Street part of our regular rotation. We'd like to get in here about every 4-6 weeks so that people will remember us and we can build a fan base here on the south side.
Scoobs: Sounds good. Well best of luck to you fellas. Anything else to say before we wrap things up?
Full band: Go to hell.

New venues are always exciting for the band, and hopefully we will see Then Again back at Bourbon Street for a long time to come. See you on May 28th back at JOE'S!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Fangoria Magazine

THEN AGAIN bids a final farewell to longtime member.
[ Apr 18, 2005 ]
The anticipation behind the big announcement of who would be leaving the band after last Saturday's show was higher than a stinkin' hippie in an opium field, but the security was air-tight surrounding the news.
Why not just come out and tell the people who was leaving? Why all the drama and suspense?
"We thought it would help our numbers" said Tank Repo.
Don't you think that is a shallow way to exploit what should have been a very emotional event?
Repo: "Shut up, face-ass"

When Then Again finally hit the stage, the energy was high and JOE'S was ready to rock. As the crowd waited patiently for the big news, the band continued to toy with the emotions of loyals with an exhausting charade that involved each member being "the one" at different points throughout the night.
"When I suggested that it was me who was leaving, the crowd screamed and cheered with great exuberance! I guess that's because they like me the best and don't want me to go." remarked Ruzicka.

At one point the band took a poll of the crowd and let them vote on who the mystery man would be. When Schmidty's name got called the Crowd-O-Meter went off the charts.
"Apparently someone internal spilled the beans. We are not happy about this and an investigation has already been launched to find out who couldn't keep their fat trap shut. Hear me now: When we find out who talked, HE WILL STAND KNEE-DEEP IN THE BLOOD OF HIS CHILDREN!" claimed lead singer, Jay Polad.
Aren't you guys making this into a bigger deal than it really is?
Repo: "Shut up, face-ass!"

Regardless of the band's internal dismay, the show proved to be a worthy send-off for Then Again's own "Piano Man" of the past 8 years. If you are curious to see what Schmidty is doing next, look for his solo album: "Can I Borrow A Feeling?" due in stores this Christmas.

I like to look at it, not as though I am losing a friend, but rather as gaining a daughter. See you at the show in May!

-Scoobs McDoogal
R.I.P. Magazine

Then Again Scores Top Billing for New Years Eve
[ Dec 3, 2004 ]
It was a long and bitter battle, but the results are finally in and Then Again has been selected as the headlining act for the New Years Eve Bash at Joe's on Weed Street.
Among the other bands in contention were big-time names such as: Britney Spears, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Marcy Playground.

I had a chance to interview a few of the band members after they had received the good news:

Scoobs: So what was it like? Were you nervous that you wouldn't get the gig?
Jay: No, never. I mean, I was nervous that we wouldn't get the gig,. . .but I was never nervous that we wouldn't get it.
Scoobs: What do you guys think of the other bands you were in contention with?
Geoff: All hacks. I completely admire and respect them all, but I also hate and loathe them.
Joe: I thought Marcy Playground was really hot. I love that song "Oops I did it again".
Scoobs: Uh,. . .that's Britney Spears. Marcy Playground is a bunch of dudes.
Joe: Oh sweet Jesus! (while wretching and vomiting into the ice bucket)
Jim: I tried to tell him that it was a bunch of dudes in a blonde wig, but he just kept bragging about how he was going to "make sweet love" to her. I mean what the hell! Didn't he realize it was three dudes and not one chick?!
Scoobs: What was it like competing with the Beatles?
Fred: We smoked em'. They didn't even have all of the band there. It was only Paul, Ringo and Vince Neil.
Scoobs: Uh, . . .never mind.

Any way you cut it, the hottest ticket in town for this New Years Eve is THEN AGAIN at JOE'S on Weed. The band has promised lots of new material and that everyone who attends has a 28.7% chance of getting laid. I'm no odds-maker, but I'll take them chances! See you on the 31st, and watch out, cuz Scoobs will looking for someone to smooch!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Hip-Hop Magazine

"Records exist for one reason. . .so that they may be shattered!"
[ Oct 5, 2004 ]
These were the words of Then Again guitarist Tank Repo after the band broke their own record of longest show ever at Joe's on Weed Street this past Saturday. The band had set the record for the longest show last year when the played past 3:30 am, and then surpassed their own landmark by playing until 3:46 in the morning.
I had a chance to talk with some of the band members after the momentous accomplishment.
Scoobs: How did feel to break the record again?
Polad: We're just glad to beat those other hacks. We couldn't stand watching a crappy cover band hold such a prestigious title.
Scoobs: Uh. . . it was YOUR own record that you broke tonight. You know that, right?
Ruzicka: Why don't you take some more pills, PILLHEAD!
Scoobs: I believe they prefer the title of midget or freak, not tiny people.
Polad: Star, . . planet. . ., either way, when that thing burns out we're all dead.
Scoobs: Uh. . . .? Yes,. . . quite.

Some of the night's highlights included the band being visited by a mysterious ostrich-man, the world's smallest stage-diver, a blind drumming clinic, and Jay NOT lip-synching an Ashley Simpson song.

What else can I say about a night like that? You truly had to be there. From the acoustic show up front until the bloody end at quarter to 4 in the morning, the crowd kept rocking. For those that were there all the way to the end, you truly are TROOPERS!

Will the band ever break their new record or will it stand the test of time? Can we ever witness anything quite as strange as a stage-diving dwarf in an ostrich costume? Will Tank and Tiger live to play the next show? All these questions and more to be answered at the next show!!!

See you back at Joe's on 12/11.

-Scoobs McDoogal
Dwarf's Life Magazine

A Triumphant Return!
[ Aug 29, 2004 ]
After a brief 1 & 1/2 month hiatus, Then Again made a triumphant return to the stage at Joe's on Weed St this past Saturday night. The house was packed, the music was loud, and the beer was flowing like wine! Special shout-outs go to the Flying Hellfish and the Hinsdale South Class of 94.

The band was forced to take a break when drummer, Fred Loniello, went missing in the frigid foothills of Guatemala. After an unsuccessful one-day rescue mission, the band regretfully declared Loniello to be most certainly dead.
Bassist Joe Ruzicka was chosen to be the one to speak to the press because of his tremendous people skills.
"We need to focus on what is important right now. Fred's loved ones are very upset. . .probably because they know deep down, his death was probably really painful and embarrassing. Right now we're just trying to provide comfort to them. We couldn't even think about playing music at a time like this. By the way, . . .does anyone out there play the drums?"
Miraculously, Fred showed up at Ruzicka's house the next day during tryouts for a new drummer. Apparently he was never missing or in harms way. He had tried several times to e-mail the band to let him know he was fine, but Ruzicka kept erasing the messages exclaiming that he would not read any of those "damned ghost e-mails"

The band is now gearing up for a 4-week tour that will explore the outer regions of the north suburbs.
"Lord willing, he's looking down on us from cloud-land. We'll miss him, but when ever I look at our new drummer, I'll always remember that Fred was a drummer too." said Ruzicka.
I reminded him again that Fred was not dead and he simply responded: "He sure did love soup."
It takes all kinds. See you at the next show!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Fishing with Guns Magazine

[ Jun 22, 2004 ]
Then Again has always strived to keep things fresh at their shows and give the adoring public the best mix of new and old.
"We try to give the crowd a little taste of everything. It's not easy to go from 80's pop to Death Metal to Retro/acid/jazz/punk, but that's what we do." says front man Jay "the Pole" Polad.

Lately the band has been running into some problems finding new music to play due to a general lack of talent in current music scene.

"It's not that the music is not out there, it's just that all these shitty bands suck so bad. We don't want to learn suckie-ass songs that totally suck, do we? I mean, that would just suck." said drummer Tundra Loniello.

I asked the band about the irony of a "cover band" complaining about REAL bands not putting out any good music for them to cover.
Bassist, Joe "the Auditor" Ruzicka, responded,
"Hey this isn't about us man! It's about these shitty bands being so shitty. If you want me to go out and write a hit for the radio, I'll do it, but we can't really cover our own material now can we? You stupid, stupid-ass!"
Well put sir, well put.

So now the challenge is put into your hands. Then Again is reaching out to THE PEOPLE to find the answers! If you have a suggestion for a song that the band should learn, post it on the "Guestbook" section of the web site and the band will give it a gander. This is your chance to have your voice heard! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Good luck, and God bless America!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Rolling Bone Magazine

[ Jun 1, 2004 ]
That's about all we can say about that. HOLY #*$&!!
Saturday night rocked so hard! Joe and Mark got to the bar at noon, Tank followed shortly and the madness ensued. A half hour before the show, Tank was comatose and unable to perform simple motor tasks. We'll just play without him, right? WRONG! 15 minutes before show time, Tank rose from the dead, demanded a stiff RBV and then proceeded to ROCK his ass off. The rest of the night was insane as well. Crazy crowd all night long! We got lots of new people on the mailing list. Welcome!
End of night #1 right? WRONG AGAIN! Those fortunate enough to work at the bar were treated to a special acoustic performance from Tenacious "T" (Tank and Tiger). Future hits including "Laura's Boots" and "The 12 footer" were played long into the night. Long story short, when we left the bar the sun was up. OUT OF CONTROL! So after all this, Sunday night had to be a letdown, right? Just keep reading. . .
Night 2: All you can drink, All request night
It was an experiment we thought we'd try. A Sunday night performance is a hard sell, but if you give them great music and you give them great drinks. . .people will park and ride (Did anyone just catch that Singles reference?) The bar was dead most of the day and then the skies opened up and rained hell hath no mercy. It was looking like a one-way ticket to Trainwreckville, when people started flooding through the doors like the salmon of Capistrano. By the time 10:00 rolled around the bar was full, people were drunk and merry, and all of our request cards were gone. We learned one thing Sunday night: all of our tireless efforts to write the ultimate set-list night after night mean two things: Jack and Shit, and Jack left town. (Speaking of Jack, our standard-issued bottle of Jack was gone before the second set started.) You guys called the night, and it was probably the best set we've ever played. It was definitely one of the best crowds we've ever had. YOU GUYS F-ING ROCK! We played songs we've never played before. Some were great: i.e. AC-DC. Some were awful: i.e. Led Zep, but throughout it all, YOU GUYS KEPT ROCKING! We thank every one that came out for either or both nights this weekend. We had the BEST time! It's going to be hard to beat this one, but we promise that we'll try! We'll see you at the next show as long as Tank and Tiger survive the murky bayou of New Orleans. See you all on the 12th! Keep checking the website www.thenagain.ORG for when and where we'll be next. Spread the love to everyone and anyone!

Tank, Tiger, Janky, Schmitty, Wechles, & Tundra

P.S. Special thanks goes out to:
-the lovely Bandgirls ( for helping us with our mailing list and taking such lovely pictures
-Joe's: Ed, Kyle, Tex, Tommy and all the wonderful bartenders and wait staff for rocking with us
-Laura's boots: for giving Tenacious T the inspirado
-the Theft and 16 candles for rocking out on stage with us

[ Mar 21, 2004 ]
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new champion in town! Early Sunday morning Then Again set the new record for the longest set ever played at Joe's on Weed St. With the show finally wrapping up at close to 4am, the band claimed the "iron-man" title that had previously been set by Mike and Joe in 2001.
It was a long night and the band was exhausted, but I managed to hook up with the guys after the show to get their feelings on this momentous accomplishment.
Scoobs McDoogal: How does it feel to be the new record holders for longest set?
Jay Polad: It's great, I haven't felt this good since I won first prize in the "three-legged race" back in 3rd grade.
Scoobs: Who was your partner?
Polad: Partner?
Scoobs: Did you guys plan on playing such a long set?
Joe Ruzicka: We never plan anything. We usually have a set list, but I don't know how to play any of the songs, so it doesn't do me much good. I think there is one word that embodies our band: professionalism.
Fred Loniello: I agree, we are professionals first and idiot-jackasses second.
Geoff Repo: The bottom line is that we couldn't have done any of this with out the help of everyone else that was at the show. The crowd should really get the credit for sticking with us throughout the night.
Scoobs: You guys had several guest appearances tonight. Molly from Catfight came up to rock the house and Kristen from Identity Theft helped "Kiss us deadly". What was it like to play with them.
Steve "88" Schmidt: Anytime I can take the spotlight off of myself, I welcome the opportunity. I'm very shy you know.
Jim Wechman: As much as the crowd enjoys gawking at us, I have to admit that Molly and Kristen are slightly better looking than us.
Scoobs: Amen to that!
Band: What?
Scoobs: Nothing, you guys are great.

Well that was about the jist of the interview, the rest of the night entailed a gasoline fight and a visit from the green fairy. . .Don't ask.
I managed to snap some sweet pictures of the crowd, so check em out. I'll see you at the next show on April 24th. Until then, keep rockin!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Thuglife Magazine

Ski Like You ROCK
[ Mar 8, 2004 ]
If you weren't at last weeks Ski Like You Drive party at Devil’s Head Resort in Wisconsin, then you missed one of the craziest weekends we’ve ever been a part of. If you were there, you know what we mean!
Here’s a quick recap of some of the major events:
Friday night we didn't have to play, so the gloves were off. FREE BEER ALL WEEKEND PEOPLE! Geoff the Tank was is rare form and the Insane Llama was dressed in his nicest suit. Catfight rocked the house first (these lovely ladies blew us away!), and Hairbangers finished the night off with our favorite hair metal classics.

Saturday started early with some bloody Marys and the quest to answer the most important question of all: WHERE'S THE BABY’S ROOM?!
Later that day. . .
Too White Crew got the party rolling around 9:30 and the crowd was primed and ready for a severe dose of ROCK. . . that's just what they got! There were special guest appearances galore! Molly from Catfight came up and helped us sing a song we don’t even know (man can she sing!), Joe from Rubber rocked the drums for some Bon Jovi, and Greg “Double G” Gardner from Identity Theft took over on the bass and “talked dirty”. The beautiful bandgirls were there to get pictures of it all. (Make sure you go check out their website to see the debauchery first hand!)
We tried to end the show at 3:00am, but the crowd wouldn’t let us leave. It was almost 4:00am when the smoke cleared. The stage was broken, our bodies bruised and battered, our clothes drenched in blood, sweat and beer, and Schmitty was off to conquer the mountain. Was this a good party? No F-ing way, this was a GREAT party. If you didn’t go this year, you better plan on making it next year, because I know we’ll be there. Special thanks to all our new friends: Steve O’ & everyone else from SLYD, the band girls, all the musicians that helped us out, and all of our new friends that have never seen us before. We hope you’ll make it out to our next show.

Check out the Picture page to see the madness!

Then Again Prepares for World Domination Tour
[ Feb 3, 2004 ]
Questions are beginning to circulate regarding the whereabouts of local rock band, Then Again:
Where have they been since New Years Eve?
Are they still playing?
Are they planning anything big in the near future?
Are they still alive?
The answer to all of the questions is 4.
Allow me to explain.
The band has been on a mini-hiatus in preparation for their upcoming tour:
The Four Whoresmen and the Apocalyptic Glory Hole WORLD TOUR!
The Tour kicks off in February and is expected to last well into March. It will span the globe from Chicago to the tip of Southern Illinois.
In preparation for this endeavor, the band has been on a strict regiment of diet and exercise.
The band gets up at 5:00am every morning to start the day with a healthy breakfast that consists of fatback, bacon, and malt-o-meal. From here its on to dry-land training. A typical workout consists of mic-stand bench press, rock-thrusts, and 5 sets on the neck machine. After this the band takes a hot soak in the hot tub and drinks beer until about 7 pm.
"It's intense, but the fans wouldn't accept anything less from us. They deserve it," said drummer Fred-holio.
At 7:30 the band warms up and practice actual music for about 20-24 minutes and then its back to the hot tub to finish off the night.
"In order to do what we do, you've got to treat your body like a temple," remarked bassist Joe "the Master" Ruzickolio. "A temple built on top of a sewer."

So now that all of your questions have been thoroughly answered, you better get your asses ready to be rocked, because the shit-storm is coming! Will you be ready?
Just remember what old Scoobs told ya: It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at him.
See you at Joe's on 2/21/04!

All Them Ponies
[ Sep 22, 2003 ]
It's been a while since the last news article, but good old Scoobs is back from a 6-month rehab after a near-fatal scuba accident that took place last March.
In anticipation for the BIG Then Again show this Saturday (9/27) at Joe's, I had a chance to sit in on a practice, and trust me folks, you don't want to miss it.

The boys have dug deep into their creative caverns and come up with some new tricks that are guaranteed to get your ponies wet.

Fred "the pony" Loniello told me that this show would be "for the people" and that they weren't ponying around anymore.

"It's all a matter of supply and demand. They demand the ROCK, so we give it to them" said front man Jay "the pony" Polad.

"Look, we could come out here and play the same old songs, but that would just be lazy and appropriate. This pony don't hunt yo." commented Jim "the pony" Wechman

I got a chance to sit down and chew the fat with guitarist Geoff "the pony" Repo and bass player Joe "the pony" Ruzicka.

So how do you guys keep it so fresh after all these years?

"Listen, we could go out there and just pony up some ponies, but that wouldn't be pony." said Repo.

"Yeah, like this one time, I was ponying at the pony and a bunch of ponies came up and were like "Hey pony pony pony" and I just said "F*CK YOU!"

Everyone is now dumber for having read this. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

-Scoobs McDoogal
7 oz Pony Weekly

[ Apr 8, 2003 ]
At 2:01pm today, the newest Betty-bot came into this world.
Pleasing Betty Guitarist Jim Wechman and his lovely wife Ali "the Trooper" are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

"In addition to Jim gaining a daughter, we have all gained a niece." said fellow band-mate Geoff "I love mopery" Repo.

Jim had these remarks to say: "I am so happy, I don't know what to say. We truly have been blessed. . .Oh yeah, and those sick A-holes better stay away from my little girl."

Congratulations to the Wechmans and their newest addition! We will have to start making "Betty-wear" in baby sizes.

[ Mar 25, 2003 ]
Then Again played their first show in over three months after a brief stint with retirement. I had a chance to ask bass-man Joe Ruzicka about the hugely anticipated reunion
“Being retired was really great until we realized that it totally sucked ass.”

The fans (also known as the Then Again-o-holics) were treated to a double dose of the classics they have grown to love, as well as a plethora of ALL NEW material. The show rocked well into the early morning, and it eventually took 27 bouncers to drag the band off the stage.
“We weren’t even going to do an encore, but then we decided to play 7 more songs.” said Jay “bag pipes” Polad.

Those who stayed to the very end were rewarded with an extra-special VIP rendition of Jessie’s Girl featuring vocals by Joe “the Dolphin Master” Ruzicka, and an impromptu version of Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter”.
“It was like the ghost of Eddie Vedder crawled up Jay’s ass and came out his mouth,. . .literally.” said axe-man Jim Wechman.

I caught up with some of the straggling fans after the show to get their views on the long overdue reunion.
“It was like they never missed a beat. They were awesome! Especially that HOT guitarist Geoff Repo.” said fan Geoff Repo.

“These guys are a bunch of Stiffy Stiffersons and I’d like to prank them for hours in my basement.” –anonymous fan.

Clearly there is no doubt that Then Again has still got IT, but the question that is racing through everyone’s mind now is: Will we ever see them AGAIN?
The band was being very secretive about this matter and refused to comment. . .except drummer Fred “the Mouth” Loniello, who openly admitted: “Hell yes we’ll be back. Did you see all the hot chicks here tonight? What are you?. . .an idiot?. . .Geeesh.”

At this point speculation is high and no one really knows where or when they’ll be back, but this little reporter has a hunch that you may want to be at JOE’S on MAY 31st. Let’s just say, . . . I have connections. See you at the show!

-Scoobs McDoogal

Then Again is Alive?
[ Mar 6, 2003 ]
Ok, judging by the guest book comments, there are a lot of people out there that are wondering about the currant status of Then Again. We apologize for the confusion! Please allow us to explain the situation:

Rumors have been circulating about Then Again playing a show at Joe's on Feb 28th. The truth is that some of the former members of Then Again did play at Joe's for a private party under the name "Captain Snack". We played this show purely for fun and as a favor to one of our band mates.

But what about the Then Again show on March 22?

Your eyes have not deceived you; this is a "real" show.
After playing on the 28th, we got barraged by people asking why we weren't playing as Then Again anymore, and to be honest, we got a little sentimental too. Our good friends at Joe's made us an offer we couldn't refuse and we accepted.

So here's the scoop: It's kind of like the McRib sandwich, Then Again will be back but on a very limited basis. We will be playing some shows exclusively at Joe's on Weed St. every couple of months or so. That's basically it for now. We're going to try this for a while and see how it goes.

Some of you may ask why we decided to do this.

Simply put: We love playing and we miss you guys!
In addition to this, most of you also know about our original band "PLEASING BETTY". Going into a studio to record a CD costs a lot of money, and we PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed. These Then Again shows will provide a means to pay for this by doing what we love. But most importantly, Joe's gives us free booze.

So lets quell the rumor-mill right now:
Yes: Then Again will be playing on March 22nd at Joe's
Yes: Pleasing Betty is still going strong. New CD SOON! (Beginning of April)
No: This is not a cheesy marketing scheme.
No: Although an alien bug has burrowed deep into Joe's brain, he can still play his simple bass lines, (who couldn't!?).
Yes: There MAY be more shows at Joe's to come. Check the web site for dates.
Yes: The Robo-lution will consume us all.

Again, we apologize for any confusion, stress, or punitive damages this development may have caused you. I guess you can say that we just can't get enough of you frickin' people. We'll see you at the show!

The band

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