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Then Again is Alive?
[ Mar 6, 2003 ]
Ok, judging by the guest book comments, there are a lot of people out there that are wondering about the currant status of Then Again. We apologize for the confusion! Please allow us to explain the situation:

Rumors have been circulating about Then Again playing a show at Joe's on Feb 28th. The truth is that some of the former members of Then Again did play at Joe's for a private party under the name "Captain Snack". We played this show purely for fun and as a favor to one of our band mates.

But what about the Then Again show on March 22?

Your eyes have not deceived you; this is a "real" show.
After playing on the 28th, we got barraged by people asking why we weren't playing as Then Again anymore, and to be honest, we got a little sentimental too. Our good friends at Joe's made us an offer we couldn't refuse and we accepted.

So here's the scoop: It's kind of like the McRib sandwich, Then Again will be back but on a very limited basis. We will be playing some shows exclusively at Joe's on Weed St. every couple of months or so. That's basically it for now. We're going to try this for a while and see how it goes.

Some of you may ask why we decided to do this.

Simply put: We love playing and we miss you guys!
In addition to this, most of you also know about our original band "PLEASING BETTY". Going into a studio to record a CD costs a lot of money, and we PROMISE you will NOT be disappointed. These Then Again shows will provide a means to pay for this by doing what we love. But most importantly, Joe's gives us free booze.

So lets quell the rumor-mill right now:
Yes: Then Again will be playing on March 22nd at Joe's
Yes: Pleasing Betty is still going strong. New CD SOON! (Beginning of April)
No: This is not a cheesy marketing scheme.
No: Although an alien bug has burrowed deep into Joe's brain, he can still play his simple bass lines, (who couldn't!?).
Yes: There MAY be more shows at Joe's to come. Check the web site for dates.
Yes: The Robo-lution will consume us all.

Again, we apologize for any confusion, stress, or punitive damages this development may have caused you. I guess you can say that we just can't get enough of you frickin' people. We'll see you at the show!

The band

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