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All Them Ponies
[ Sep 22, 2003 ]
It's been a while since the last news article, but good old Scoobs is back from a 6-month rehab after a near-fatal scuba accident that took place last March.
In anticipation for the BIG Then Again show this Saturday (9/27) at Joe's, I had a chance to sit in on a practice, and trust me folks, you don't want to miss it.

The boys have dug deep into their creative caverns and come up with some new tricks that are guaranteed to get your ponies wet.

Fred "the pony" Loniello told me that this show would be "for the people" and that they weren't ponying around anymore.

"It's all a matter of supply and demand. They demand the ROCK, so we give it to them" said front man Jay "the pony" Polad.

"Look, we could come out here and play the same old songs, but that would just be lazy and appropriate. This pony don't hunt yo." commented Jim "the pony" Wechman

I got a chance to sit down and chew the fat with guitarist Geoff "the pony" Repo and bass player Joe "the pony" Ruzicka.

So how do you guys keep it so fresh after all these years?

"Listen, we could go out there and just pony up some ponies, but that wouldn't be pony." said Repo.

"Yeah, like this one time, I was ponying at the pony and a bunch of ponies came up and were like "Hey pony pony pony" and I just said "F*CK YOU!"

Everyone is now dumber for having read this. SEE YOU AT THE SHOW!

-Scoobs McDoogal
7 oz Pony Weekly

[ Apr 8, 2003 ]
At 2:01pm today, the newest Betty-bot came into this world.
Pleasing Betty Guitarist Jim Wechman and his lovely wife Ali "the Trooper" are the proud parents of a beautiful baby girl.

"In addition to Jim gaining a daughter, we have all gained a niece." said fellow band-mate Geoff "I love mopery" Repo.

Jim had these remarks to say: "I am so happy, I don't know what to say. We truly have been blessed. . .Oh yeah, and those sick A-holes better stay away from my little girl."

Congratulations to the Wechmans and their newest addition! We will have to start making "Betty-wear" in baby sizes.

[ Mar 25, 2003 ]
Then Again played their first show in over three months after a brief stint with retirement. I had a chance to ask bass-man Joe Ruzicka about the hugely anticipated reunion
“Being retired was really great until we realized that it totally sucked ass.”

The fans (also known as the Then Again-o-holics) were treated to a double dose of the classics they have grown to love, as well as a plethora of ALL NEW material. The show rocked well into the early morning, and it eventually took 27 bouncers to drag the band off the stage.
“We weren’t even going to do an encore, but then we decided to play 7 more songs.” said Jay “bag pipes” Polad.

Those who stayed to the very end were rewarded with an extra-special VIP rendition of Jessie’s Girl featuring vocals by Joe “the Dolphin Master” Ruzicka, and an impromptu version of Pearl Jam’s “Yellow Ledbetter”.
“It was like the ghost of Eddie Vedder crawled up Jay’s ass and came out his mouth,. . .literally.” said axe-man Jim Wechman.

I caught up with some of the straggling fans after the show to get their views on the long overdue reunion.
“It was like they never missed a beat. They were awesome! Especially that HOT guitarist Geoff Repo.” said fan Geoff Repo.

“These guys are a bunch of Stiffy Stiffersons and I’d like to prank them for hours in my basement.” –anonymous fan.

Clearly there is no doubt that Then Again has still got IT, but the question that is racing through everyone’s mind now is: Will we ever see them AGAIN?
The band was being very secretive about this matter and refused to comment. . .except drummer Fred “the Mouth” Loniello, who openly admitted: “Hell yes we’ll be back. Did you see all the hot chicks here tonight? What are you?. . .an idiot?. . .Geeesh.”

At this point speculation is high and no one really knows where or when they’ll be back, but this little reporter has a hunch that you may want to be at JOE’S on MAY 31st. Let’s just say, . . . I have connections. See you at the show!

-Scoobs McDoogal

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