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[ Mar 21, 2004 ]
Ladies and gentlemen, there is a new champion in town! Early Sunday morning Then Again set the new record for the longest set ever played at Joe's on Weed St. With the show finally wrapping up at close to 4am, the band claimed the "iron-man" title that had previously been set by Mike and Joe in 2001.
It was a long night and the band was exhausted, but I managed to hook up with the guys after the show to get their feelings on this momentous accomplishment.
Scoobs McDoogal: How does it feel to be the new record holders for longest set?
Jay Polad: It's great, I haven't felt this good since I won first prize in the "three-legged race" back in 3rd grade.
Scoobs: Who was your partner?
Polad: Partner?
Scoobs: Did you guys plan on playing such a long set?
Joe Ruzicka: We never plan anything. We usually have a set list, but I don't know how to play any of the songs, so it doesn't do me much good. I think there is one word that embodies our band: professionalism.
Fred Loniello: I agree, we are professionals first and idiot-jackasses second.
Geoff Repo: The bottom line is that we couldn't have done any of this with out the help of everyone else that was at the show. The crowd should really get the credit for sticking with us throughout the night.
Scoobs: You guys had several guest appearances tonight. Molly from Catfight came up to rock the house and Kristen from Identity Theft helped "Kiss us deadly". What was it like to play with them.
Steve "88" Schmidt: Anytime I can take the spotlight off of myself, I welcome the opportunity. I'm very shy you know.
Jim Wechman: As much as the crowd enjoys gawking at us, I have to admit that Molly and Kristen are slightly better looking than us.
Scoobs: Amen to that!
Band: What?
Scoobs: Nothing, you guys are great.

Well that was about the jist of the interview, the rest of the night entailed a gasoline fight and a visit from the green fairy. . .Don't ask.
I managed to snap some sweet pictures of the crowd, so check em out. I'll see you at the next show on April 24th. Until then, keep rockin!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Thuglife Magazine

Ski Like You ROCK
[ Mar 8, 2004 ]
If you weren't at last weeks Ski Like You Drive party at Devil’s Head Resort in Wisconsin, then you missed one of the craziest weekends we’ve ever been a part of. If you were there, you know what we mean!
Here’s a quick recap of some of the major events:
Friday night we didn't have to play, so the gloves were off. FREE BEER ALL WEEKEND PEOPLE! Geoff the Tank was is rare form and the Insane Llama was dressed in his nicest suit. Catfight rocked the house first (these lovely ladies blew us away!), and Hairbangers finished the night off with our favorite hair metal classics.

Saturday started early with some bloody Marys and the quest to answer the most important question of all: WHERE'S THE BABY’S ROOM?!
Later that day. . .
Too White Crew got the party rolling around 9:30 and the crowd was primed and ready for a severe dose of ROCK. . . that's just what they got! There were special guest appearances galore! Molly from Catfight came up and helped us sing a song we don’t even know (man can she sing!), Joe from Rubber rocked the drums for some Bon Jovi, and Greg “Double G” Gardner from Identity Theft took over on the bass and “talked dirty”. The beautiful bandgirls were there to get pictures of it all. (Make sure you go check out their website to see the debauchery first hand!)
We tried to end the show at 3:00am, but the crowd wouldn’t let us leave. It was almost 4:00am when the smoke cleared. The stage was broken, our bodies bruised and battered, our clothes drenched in blood, sweat and beer, and Schmitty was off to conquer the mountain. Was this a good party? No F-ing way, this was a GREAT party. If you didn’t go this year, you better plan on making it next year, because I know we’ll be there. Special thanks to all our new friends: Steve O’ & everyone else from SLYD, the band girls, all the musicians that helped us out, and all of our new friends that have never seen us before. We hope you’ll make it out to our next show.

Check out the Picture page to see the madness!

Then Again Prepares for World Domination Tour
[ Feb 3, 2004 ]
Questions are beginning to circulate regarding the whereabouts of local rock band, Then Again:
Where have they been since New Years Eve?
Are they still playing?
Are they planning anything big in the near future?
Are they still alive?
The answer to all of the questions is 4.
Allow me to explain.
The band has been on a mini-hiatus in preparation for their upcoming tour:
The Four Whoresmen and the Apocalyptic Glory Hole WORLD TOUR!
The Tour kicks off in February and is expected to last well into March. It will span the globe from Chicago to the tip of Southern Illinois.
In preparation for this endeavor, the band has been on a strict regiment of diet and exercise.
The band gets up at 5:00am every morning to start the day with a healthy breakfast that consists of fatback, bacon, and malt-o-meal. From here its on to dry-land training. A typical workout consists of mic-stand bench press, rock-thrusts, and 5 sets on the neck machine. After this the band takes a hot soak in the hot tub and drinks beer until about 7 pm.
"It's intense, but the fans wouldn't accept anything less from us. They deserve it," said drummer Fred-holio.
At 7:30 the band warms up and practice actual music for about 20-24 minutes and then its back to the hot tub to finish off the night.
"In order to do what we do, you've got to treat your body like a temple," remarked bassist Joe "the Master" Ruzickolio. "A temple built on top of a sewer."

So now that all of your questions have been thoroughly answered, you better get your asses ready to be rocked, because the shit-storm is coming! Will you be ready?
Just remember what old Scoobs told ya: It takes a big man to cry, but it takes an even bigger man to laugh at him.
See you at Joe's on 2/21/04!

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