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A Triumphant Return!
[ Aug 29, 2004 ]
After a brief 1 & 1/2 month hiatus, Then Again made a triumphant return to the stage at Joe's on Weed St this past Saturday night. The house was packed, the music was loud, and the beer was flowing like wine! Special shout-outs go to the Flying Hellfish and the Hinsdale South Class of 94.

The band was forced to take a break when drummer, Fred Loniello, went missing in the frigid foothills of Guatemala. After an unsuccessful one-day rescue mission, the band regretfully declared Loniello to be most certainly dead.
Bassist Joe Ruzicka was chosen to be the one to speak to the press because of his tremendous people skills.
"We need to focus on what is important right now. Fred's loved ones are very upset. . .probably because they know deep down, his death was probably really painful and embarrassing. Right now we're just trying to provide comfort to them. We couldn't even think about playing music at a time like this. By the way, . . .does anyone out there play the drums?"
Miraculously, Fred showed up at Ruzicka's house the next day during tryouts for a new drummer. Apparently he was never missing or in harms way. He had tried several times to e-mail the band to let him know he was fine, but Ruzicka kept erasing the messages exclaiming that he would not read any of those "damned ghost e-mails"

The band is now gearing up for a 4-week tour that will explore the outer regions of the north suburbs.
"Lord willing, he's looking down on us from cloud-land. We'll miss him, but when ever I look at our new drummer, I'll always remember that Fred was a drummer too." said Ruzicka.
I reminded him again that Fred was not dead and he simply responded: "He sure did love soup."
It takes all kinds. See you at the next show!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Fishing with Guns Magazine

[ Jun 22, 2004 ]
Then Again has always strived to keep things fresh at their shows and give the adoring public the best mix of new and old.
"We try to give the crowd a little taste of everything. It's not easy to go from 80's pop to Death Metal to Retro/acid/jazz/punk, but that's what we do." says front man Jay "the Pole" Polad.

Lately the band has been running into some problems finding new music to play due to a general lack of talent in current music scene.

"It's not that the music is not out there, it's just that all these shitty bands suck so bad. We don't want to learn suckie-ass songs that totally suck, do we? I mean, that would just suck." said drummer Tundra Loniello.

I asked the band about the irony of a "cover band" complaining about REAL bands not putting out any good music for them to cover.
Bassist, Joe "the Auditor" Ruzicka, responded,
"Hey this isn't about us man! It's about these shitty bands being so shitty. If you want me to go out and write a hit for the radio, I'll do it, but we can't really cover our own material now can we? You stupid, stupid-ass!"
Well put sir, well put.

So now the challenge is put into your hands. Then Again is reaching out to THE PEOPLE to find the answers! If you have a suggestion for a song that the band should learn, post it on the "Guestbook" section of the web site and the band will give it a gander. This is your chance to have your voice heard! YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!
Good luck, and God bless America!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Rolling Bone Magazine

[ Jun 1, 2004 ]
That's about all we can say about that. HOLY #*$&!!
Saturday night rocked so hard! Joe and Mark got to the bar at noon, Tank followed shortly and the madness ensued. A half hour before the show, Tank was comatose and unable to perform simple motor tasks. We'll just play without him, right? WRONG! 15 minutes before show time, Tank rose from the dead, demanded a stiff RBV and then proceeded to ROCK his ass off. The rest of the night was insane as well. Crazy crowd all night long! We got lots of new people on the mailing list. Welcome!
End of night #1 right? WRONG AGAIN! Those fortunate enough to work at the bar were treated to a special acoustic performance from Tenacious "T" (Tank and Tiger). Future hits including "Laura's Boots" and "The 12 footer" were played long into the night. Long story short, when we left the bar the sun was up. OUT OF CONTROL! So after all this, Sunday night had to be a letdown, right? Just keep reading. . .
Night 2: All you can drink, All request night
It was an experiment we thought we'd try. A Sunday night performance is a hard sell, but if you give them great music and you give them great drinks. . .people will park and ride (Did anyone just catch that Singles reference?) The bar was dead most of the day and then the skies opened up and rained hell hath no mercy. It was looking like a one-way ticket to Trainwreckville, when people started flooding through the doors like the salmon of Capistrano. By the time 10:00 rolled around the bar was full, people were drunk and merry, and all of our request cards were gone. We learned one thing Sunday night: all of our tireless efforts to write the ultimate set-list night after night mean two things: Jack and Shit, and Jack left town. (Speaking of Jack, our standard-issued bottle of Jack was gone before the second set started.) You guys called the night, and it was probably the best set we've ever played. It was definitely one of the best crowds we've ever had. YOU GUYS F-ING ROCK! We played songs we've never played before. Some were great: i.e. AC-DC. Some were awful: i.e. Led Zep, but throughout it all, YOU GUYS KEPT ROCKING! We thank every one that came out for either or both nights this weekend. We had the BEST time! It's going to be hard to beat this one, but we promise that we'll try! We'll see you at the next show as long as Tank and Tiger survive the murky bayou of New Orleans. See you all on the 12th! Keep checking the website www.thenagain.ORG for when and where we'll be next. Spread the love to everyone and anyone!

Tank, Tiger, Janky, Schmitty, Wechles, & Tundra

P.S. Special thanks goes out to:
-the lovely Bandgirls ( for helping us with our mailing list and taking such lovely pictures
-Joe's: Ed, Kyle, Tex, Tommy and all the wonderful bartenders and wait staff for rocking with us
-Laura's boots: for giving Tenacious T the inspirado
-the Theft and 16 candles for rocking out on stage with us

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