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THEN AGAIN bids a final farewell to longtime member.
[ Apr 18, 2005 ]
The anticipation behind the big announcement of who would be leaving the band after last Saturday's show was higher than a stinkin' hippie in an opium field, but the security was air-tight surrounding the news.
Why not just come out and tell the people who was leaving? Why all the drama and suspense?
"We thought it would help our numbers" said Tank Repo.
Don't you think that is a shallow way to exploit what should have been a very emotional event?
Repo: "Shut up, face-ass"

When Then Again finally hit the stage, the energy was high and JOE'S was ready to rock. As the crowd waited patiently for the big news, the band continued to toy with the emotions of loyals with an exhausting charade that involved each member being "the one" at different points throughout the night.
"When I suggested that it was me who was leaving, the crowd screamed and cheered with great exuberance! I guess that's because they like me the best and don't want me to go." remarked Ruzicka.

At one point the band took a poll of the crowd and let them vote on who the mystery man would be. When Schmidty's name got called the Crowd-O-Meter went off the charts.
"Apparently someone internal spilled the beans. We are not happy about this and an investigation has already been launched to find out who couldn't keep their fat trap shut. Hear me now: When we find out who talked, HE WILL STAND KNEE-DEEP IN THE BLOOD OF HIS CHILDREN!" claimed lead singer, Jay Polad.
Aren't you guys making this into a bigger deal than it really is?
Repo: "Shut up, face-ass!"

Regardless of the band's internal dismay, the show proved to be a worthy send-off for Then Again's own "Piano Man" of the past 8 years. If you are curious to see what Schmidty is doing next, look for his solo album: "Can I Borrow A Feeling?" due in stores this Christmas.

I like to look at it, not as though I am losing a friend, but rather as gaining a daughter. See you at the show in May!

-Scoobs McDoogal
R.I.P. Magazine

Then Again Scores Top Billing for New Years Eve
[ Dec 3, 2004 ]
It was a long and bitter battle, but the results are finally in and Then Again has been selected as the headlining act for the New Years Eve Bash at Joe's on Weed Street.
Among the other bands in contention were big-time names such as: Britney Spears, the Rolling Stones, the Beatles and Marcy Playground.

I had a chance to interview a few of the band members after they had received the good news:

Scoobs: So what was it like? Were you nervous that you wouldn't get the gig?
Jay: No, never. I mean, I was nervous that we wouldn't get the gig,. . .but I was never nervous that we wouldn't get it.
Scoobs: What do you guys think of the other bands you were in contention with?
Geoff: All hacks. I completely admire and respect them all, but I also hate and loathe them.
Joe: I thought Marcy Playground was really hot. I love that song "Oops I did it again".
Scoobs: Uh,. . .that's Britney Spears. Marcy Playground is a bunch of dudes.
Joe: Oh sweet Jesus! (while wretching and vomiting into the ice bucket)
Jim: I tried to tell him that it was a bunch of dudes in a blonde wig, but he just kept bragging about how he was going to "make sweet love" to her. I mean what the hell! Didn't he realize it was three dudes and not one chick?!
Scoobs: What was it like competing with the Beatles?
Fred: We smoked em'. They didn't even have all of the band there. It was only Paul, Ringo and Vince Neil.
Scoobs: Uh, . . .never mind.

Any way you cut it, the hottest ticket in town for this New Years Eve is THEN AGAIN at JOE'S on Weed. The band has promised lots of new material and that everyone who attends has a 28.7% chance of getting laid. I'm no odds-maker, but I'll take them chances! See you on the 31st, and watch out, cuz Scoobs will looking for someone to smooch!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Hip-Hop Magazine

"Records exist for one reason. . .so that they may be shattered!"
[ Oct 5, 2004 ]
These were the words of Then Again guitarist Tank Repo after the band broke their own record of longest show ever at Joe's on Weed Street this past Saturday. The band had set the record for the longest show last year when the played past 3:30 am, and then surpassed their own landmark by playing until 3:46 in the morning.
I had a chance to talk with some of the band members after the momentous accomplishment.
Scoobs: How did feel to break the record again?
Polad: We're just glad to beat those other hacks. We couldn't stand watching a crappy cover band hold such a prestigious title.
Scoobs: Uh. . . it was YOUR own record that you broke tonight. You know that, right?
Ruzicka: Why don't you take some more pills, PILLHEAD!
Scoobs: I believe they prefer the title of midget or freak, not tiny people.
Polad: Star, . . planet. . ., either way, when that thing burns out we're all dead.
Scoobs: Uh. . . .? Yes,. . . quite.

Some of the night's highlights included the band being visited by a mysterious ostrich-man, the world's smallest stage-diver, a blind drumming clinic, and Jay NOT lip-synching an Ashley Simpson song.

What else can I say about a night like that? You truly had to be there. From the acoustic show up front until the bloody end at quarter to 4 in the morning, the crowd kept rocking. For those that were there all the way to the end, you truly are TROOPERS!

Will the band ever break their new record or will it stand the test of time? Can we ever witness anything quite as strange as a stage-diving dwarf in an ostrich costume? Will Tank and Tiger live to play the next show? All these questions and more to be answered at the next show!!!

See you back at Joe's on 12/11.

-Scoobs McDoogal
Dwarf's Life Magazine

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