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THEN AGAIN dons a 'New Look'
[ Jul 22, 2005 ]
If you're reading this article, then you've probably already noticed that the website has been re-vamped: New look, new style, new features, same old ugly orange color.
So why the over-haul? Was the old site really that bad? Did people really hate that fish? Don't these guys have anything better to do with their time and money?
I had a chance to drill some of the guys on the subject and they shared their deepest, darkest secrets with me on the matter.

Scoobs McDoogal: So what’s the deal guys? Why the overhaul?
Fred: The old site was just getting old. It looked and felt really old and we just thought that is was way too old-looking.
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Who designed the new site for you guys?
Fred: Mark Kearns from Hand Carved Graphics designed it. He actually came to us a couple months ago and told us how crappy and stupid our old site looked and asked if he could play around with some ideas for us. We liked his stuff so we decided to fire our old webmaster and bring Kearns on board.
Scoobs: Wasn't he the same guy that did the old website?
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Uh. . .ok. How much did this cost the band?
Fred: We had to haggle a bit with him but we think we got him down to a reasonable rate. In the end we settled on a monthly payment plan. I think we are paying something like $5,000 a month for 36 months.
Scoobs: That's ridiculous! That's like $180,000. Don't you think you over-paid a bit?
Joe: Yeah.
Scoobs: Why did you guys decide to get rid of the fish logo?
Fred: Mainly because it was attracting too many stupid Phish fans. They would come up to the stage and be like, "Hey man, can you guys play Truckin'?"
Joe: Yeah. . . .Stinkin' hippies.
Scoobs: Fair enough. OK, last question. Why all these changes, but then keep the same ugly orange color as your base?
Fred: That's easy. Everyone knows that orange is the most brilliant and easily recognized wavelength in the visible light spectrum for the human photoreceptors.
Scoobs: Ahhh,. . .so its a rods and cones issue then.
Fred: No you idiot, just cones. Everyone know that rods only help to distinguish between various shades of gray.
Joe: Yeah. . . .idiot.
Scoobs: Oh, sorry. How stupid of me. Well guys, the new site looks great. I hope the masses like it.

So there you have it folks. Straight from the technical administrators mouths. The new and improved '': Modern, hip, pointless, . . .orange.

See you on the battlefield!

-Scoobs McDoogal
PC and Guns Magazine

[ Jun 25, 2005 ]
What a night! As someone who grew up worshiping the rock gods such as METAL CHURCH, CANIBAL CORPSE, and POISON, it was a real treat to watch the boys from THEN AGAIN share the stage with Brett Michaels. I slipped the VIP host a 5 and managed to make my way up to the “green area” to talk with the band after the show.

What was it like playing with a real rock star like Brett?
Tank: We got BRAS and PANTIES thrown at us on stage! PANTIES!!!
Polad: It was really great. The crowd was ready to rock and we got the engines started. Brett came out and kept the show going, then we came back on and finished them off. . . .and we got PANTIES thrown at us.

Are there any more Brett Michaels/Then Again tour dates scheduled at this point?
Wechman: Well, they didn’t say anything, but I could tell by the look in their eyes that they wanted us to join the tour full time. This is totally unconfirmed and unsubstantiated, but I would bet the lives of everyone I care about that we will joining the tour.
Isn’t it true that they packed up and left right after the show?
Wechman: Yeah,. . .so. That doesn’t mean anything. . . There were PANTIES on the stage for god sake!
Brett opened the show with “Talk Dirty to Me”, you guys closed the night with it. Was that in bad taste?
Tank: Totally. . .and intentional. Now lets get back to these PANTIES. They were pink and the smelled of lilacs.
Isn’t it possible that someone just threw them on stage as a joke?
Ruzicka: No
Polad: No
Fred: Nunca
Club D: Nope
Tank: NO
Wechman: Well,. ..I guess, . . .I mean, . . .wait. . . .NO. Absolutely not.

Guys, it was me. I threw them on stage. I bought them at target before the show as a joke.
Ruzicka: This interview is over.

Truly an unforgettable night! Lots of rock, hair spray, and yes. . .PANTIES.

Let’s see if the boys can get another undergarment for the collection on July 8th at Bourbon Street. See you there!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Woman’s Life Magazine

Then Again Hits the Big Easy
[ May 18, 2005 ]
Well it's not quite New Orleans, but it is the closest thing you'll find to it in these parts. 115 Bourbon Street is a Mardi Gras Themed play land for adults that features a restaurant, sports bar, live music, nightclub, outdoor beer garden, and a game room. No matter what your fancy, 115 has your fix. Located in Merrionette Park, Then Again was excited to get back to the famed "South Side" of Chicago.

I had a chance to sit down and talk to the boys after the gig. Here's what they had to say:

Scoobs: I heard this is your first time at 115 Bourbon Street. Is that right?
Loniello: Actually, we have played here before, (about 4 years ago I think) but it was for an unsigned band contest and there were only about 30 people here.
Scoobs: Isn't it true that you weren't even in the band at that point? So why do you say "we"?
Loniello: Go to hell.
Scoobs: So what did you think of the show?
Wechman: It was great! I saw some girls there that I haven't seen since I coached cheerleading camps back at NIU.
Scoobs: Weren't they in high school at that time? Doesn't that make you really old?
Wechman: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Jay, weren't you a male cheerleader too?
Polad: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Ooookaaayy. On to other stuff. You guys haven't been out to the "south side" in a while. Why?
Repo: Because Jay is a die-hard Cubs fan and he would be crucified if south-siders found out.
Scoobs: But you played here just the other night and nothing happened. How do you explain that? Jay even wore two different Cubs hats and still came out unscathed.
Repo: Hmmmmm. . .oh, I know! . .Go to hell.
Scoobs: You guys seem a little edgy today. Why?
Ruzicka: Go to hell.
Scoobs: Alrighty. So we are looking forward to a second show at Bourbon Street on July 8th. Any plans past that?
Polad: We are hoping to make 115 Bourbon Street part of our regular rotation. We'd like to get in here about every 4-6 weeks so that people will remember us and we can build a fan base here on the south side.
Scoobs: Sounds good. Well best of luck to you fellas. Anything else to say before we wrap things up?
Full band: Go to hell.

New venues are always exciting for the band, and hopefully we will see Then Again back at Bourbon Street for a long time to come. See you on May 28th back at JOE'S!

-Scoobs McDoogal
Fangoria Magazine

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