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Wechman and Club D make the final cut
[ Dec 22, 2005 ]
After an unnexpected 'cleansing' of the band, who's still standing?
Although Joe, Tank, Fred, and Jay all got the axe, Original member Jim Wechman and the band's newest addition Dario will be staying on board to continue the legacy of Chicago's favorite band.
Wechman had these remarks: "To be honest, I won't miss them. It will be nice to play with proper musicians again."
Rumors have been circulating that among the many changes that are to come, the band's name will be altered to fit the new changes.
I give you. . .THEN ATHEFT!!! The greatest shitty cover band since Then Again.

THEN AGAIN brings new bass player on board
[ Dec 21, 2005 ]
Well folks, it happens about every other year with this band. Out with the old, in with the new,. . .and in this case, IMPROVED.

Rick gave rise to Kip, who later gave rise to Fred. Schmidty gave rise to no one, no one gave rise to Schmidty, and then Schmidty gave rise to Dario. So who left???

Its official: Joe has left the band to pursue new interests. So who will fill his shoes and enormously large hats?

We'd like to welcome Local bass phenom Greg "Double G" Gardner to the family. Gardner is actually an old friend and childhood lover of ex-bass man Ruzicka. The two grew up learning how to play bass from the greats such as Nikki Six and Bobby Dall.
Gardner has been holding down the bass for local band Identity Theft, for the past couple years. When I asked him if it was a hard decision to make the jump over to Then Again he had these words to say:
"Oh yeah, it was a real hard decision. I had to think long and hard for about 4 seconds! Look asshole, here's one thing you sheep need to learn about me: It's all about looking out for NUMERO UNO! I'm movin up in the world and I hope my FORMER band-mates have a good time burning in my flames. I'm on FIRE BABY! WOOOOOOH!"

Many are wondering why Ruzicka made the decision to leave in the first place. Reclusive in nature, he didn't have much to say other than "I'm finally gonna follow my dreams".

Although his whereabouts are not known, rumors have been circulating that he moved into the old abandoned castle up on Lookout Point. Late at night a dim light can be seen and the faint sounds of carpentry can be heard.

"He didn't tell me anything. He just kept saying he was gonna rebuild 'it'. That 'it' would be bigger and better than before. Then he lit himself on fire and jumped into the friggin river. We haven't seen him since." said former band-mate Tank Repo.

Wherever you are Joe, we hope you are in good health and spirit. But know that you will be missed by dozens of fans. You follow that dream sweet prince.

See you on NYE!

Scoobs McDoogal
-MBLA Magazine

Halloween Show was THRILLING, but Needed More Cowbell
[ Oct 31, 2005 ]
Another Halloween has come and gone, but the memories will last for hours to come. Each year the band is put to the test of coming up with something that is fresh and sweet for the special night. Years past have included such gems as superheroes, a band of bishops, and a smorgasbord of characters that included Gene Simmons, baby Spider-man, and a gay mime. But no one was ready for the magnificence that graced the stage this year. An interview with the costume manager, Joe Ruzicka, revealed the secrets of their success.

JB: So what made you guys decide on going as a bunch of guys who were all involved in a horrible skiing accident?
Ruzicka: We were mummies you asshole.
JB: Right. . . And a convincing bunch at that. But why would mummies go skiing?
Ruzicka: I hate you.
JB: There were several cool aspects that you guys added to the show for the spooky night. Who's idea was it to play "Thriller"?
Ruzicka: It was a collective decision, but in the end, it was me. I take all credit.
JB: Wouldn't it have made more sense if Jay dressed up as Michael Jackson for that?
Ruzicka: Uhhh, he did.
JB: Right, I knew that. Great costume! Who built the coffin?
Ruzicka: Again, that was me. It took me three
JB: Great! How bout that costume contest!
Ruzicka: We thought the costumes were great. I noticed Dark Helmet waiting in line when I walked into the bar earlier in the night and I knew he was going to win. That costume was perfect!
JB: You guys had a bit of a scare there at the end of the night. What happened?
Ruzicka: Jay had a family emergency at home and had to leave. The crowd was still pumped up so we decided to just keep going.
JB: Was everything all right?
Ruzicka: Yeah, turns out someone lit a bag of human poop on his doorstep.
JB: How do you know it was human poop?
Ruzicka: You can tell. But back to the show. . .I guess it really puts things into perspective doesn't it? I mean I proved to the world that any idiot can get up in front of a microphone and be a lead singer, but to be a bass player. . . now that takes talent.
JB: Right. You really have your hands full with those 4 strings don't you.
Ruzicka: I'll see you in the parking lot motherf#*ker!

One can't help but wonder what they will come up with next year. I've seen them all since the very beginning, but this one will definitely stay with me for a while,. . .or at least through the weekend.
Come out and see me at Pumpkin Charlie's Records and Rims this Thursday for the signing of my new book "Why SLAYER Is Totally Better Than Your Mom".

-JB Noodles
Nintendo Power Magazine

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