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Standard Monday Disclaimer
[ Jan 9, 2006 ]
jackthro.jpg Saturday night was a little drunky. Thanks to everyone that treated Tank and I so nicely at Joe's despite the fact we were a little woobly after our post-hockey game bout with a bottle of ketle and case of red bull. The truth is we had spent hours searching for the Identity Theft show in Villa Park and wandered into a likely place for directions, turns out it was Joe's on Weed. Then Gine left me a nasty voice mail attacking my hair. That hurt.

NYE recap
[ Jan 3, 2006 ]
tmhiggins1.jpg Wow. Once again New Years Eve defies conventional wisdom and actually lives up to expectations. And then some. Well, since my memory is completely disjointed and full of gaps, let me just list the things i do remember vividly.

-Starting the show before 10pm. That in itself is just odd. My biological clock still hasnt recovered. But it is still ticking.

-Giant pink foam cowboy hat made its triumphant return.

-Jay got angry at Joe-, murderously jealous of his rad bass playing chops, and decided to punch him as hard as possible. Joe, using the cat-like reflexes he is famous for, made the ultimate sacrifice by flinging his bass guitar in the way- thereby risking the show to save himself potential discomfort. This managed to knock the bass a step and a half out of tune, ruining the song but saving Joe from a nasty bruise. It also made Jay's hand bleed like a stuffed pig, which he deftly wrapped in a dirty bar rag to staunch the bloodflow. In his light headed condition he decided against hurling the rag into rabid the crowd, cruely denying some lucky fan a one of a kind souvenir.

- Fred (Frank) gutted out the night despite 3 crushed vertebre. He refused muscle relaxants that would have made drumming preposterous but would have led to wacky hijinks as he stumbled about the stage and crashed into his own kit. Selfish.

- Janice the bartendress took pity and kissed me at midnight. On the lips. Yeh, thats right.

- Everything gets real fuzzy for the next 2 hours or so, probably due to having 30 shots shoved at me in a 5 minute period. Apparently the show finished but i cant swear to it.

- Many RBVs and YBs post show. I recall watching Tank leaving with his wife, then turning back to the bar and finding him standing next to me. I believe there may be a cyborg impersonator involved.

- Left at some point, checked into hotel wearing Giant Pink Foam Cowboy Hat (GPFCH). Joe tried to order a movie and was denied. Called desk and argued that "ACDC looks pretty good, lets get that going". Recall this is 2 minutes after checking into hotel at 5 in the morning wearing GPFCH and toting champaign. Rubber sheets never arrived.

- Returned to bar about 11am to pack up equipment. Oh yeh, we forgot to do that. Bartendress Erin apparently decided to get us drunk again. Bloody Marys and Pilsners, it didnt take much. /12 hour drinking binge.

- Found out Jay pimped me out for a Tom Selleck poster. Fair enough.

Im out.
[ Dec 22, 2005 ]
I actually quit 6 months ago but nobody could tell the difference.

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