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Thats no doll
[ Feb 24, 2006 ]
180px_Razor_Ramon.jpg That happens to be an official Scott Hall Action Figure. It also doubles as the angel on my Christmas tree, commemorating Razor Ramon's victory in the classic ladder match against Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinetal Championship at WrestleMania X.


Nobody likes Geoff
[ Feb 23, 2006 ]
geoff.jpg I just had a disturbing suspicion that Geoff has been secretly billing me for his time.

*i also have the feeling he's been editing my blog for his own twisted ends.

I wore the mask
[ Feb 14, 2006 ]
Saturday: Masked Ball was out of control. Thats all i have to say about that. Afterwards I vaguely remember being at Joe's on Weed too drunk to speak (after a long Joe's hiatus. Apologies. Apologies, all around.) I also remember carrying Joe out (again) and luckily we had Dario to take us to our hotel. Then i remember waking up and seeing Joe on the floor. Apparently he either made it that far on his own (and no farther) or i dropped him there. Agree to disagree. Anyway, i woke up with a huge headache feeling like hell warmed over. Joe, ironically, was in much better shape and managed to shepherd me down to the omelette/bloody mary bar downstairs which probably saved my life. Slowly we revived ourselves with bloodies and breakfast (Joe went with Denver, I opted for Greek)(very funny, i meant the omelette). Apprently all the alcohol wasnt out of our systems because we managed to redrunken ourselves accidently before we went to load the gear out of the venue. The good news is we ran into our friend Jenna (co-chair of the Masked Ball) at the bloody mary bar doing the same thing. So it must have been a good idea after all.

No idea what happened to the rest of the band.*
A mega-crossover with multiple variant covers will likely be required to find them again.

*actually Fred came and helped us the next morning.

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