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[ Dec 22, 2005 ]
jae.jpg I just learned that I've been replaced after 10 years of blood and sweat. All I can say is that I'm finally glad to give up doing burpees once a month during that little musical no-man's-land-section between Footloose and Video Killed the Radio Star. See you in hell!!

P.S. In case you were wondering, I was replaced by Jae (yes, a girl) which is probably appropriate given all of the songs I sing by women.

Wha Happen?
[ Dec 19, 2005 ]
Its still all rather blurry to me, but I'm getting bits and pieces of it back as time goes on. It was Saturday night, and I was trying to decide which shirt complemented my orange hat the best. The last thing I remember before everything went black was a disturbed jingling and the smell of Elk dung. When I came to, I had a hell of a time climbing out of this burlap sack and noticed I wasn't wearing any shoes. AND my bottle of JACK was missing. Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, if you know ANYTHING about what happened to me that night. Tell me. I'm gonna hunt that asshole down and......

Good Morning
[ Dec 16, 2005 ]
Its snowing and that sucks. I think I'll do the set list. Any ideas? Speak now or forever hold your peace......

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