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Not my website anymore?
[ Dec 23, 2005 ]
adog.jpg Someone took over my blog and my About section. When did members of this "band" learn how to use "computers" and "login" to things to "change" things? There are some pix you just don't change, and pictures of "Reindeer" are at the top of that list. Why don't you guys go back to cryptic postings on the guestbook under confusing names and keep your hands in your own blogs.

I'm going to send a dog to open all of your presents.

Thanks for nothing you losers!
[ Dec 22, 2005 ]
Mike.jpg Well, with the departure of Joe and Tank, it wasn't long before I was given my walking papers. Thanks a lot. I can finally devote all of my time to backpacking, studying European culture and ecology.

My replacement you ask? None other than the incredible skin-master himself, Mike aka Drummer's Wife's Husband.

Who is Joe Ruzicka?
[ Dec 20, 2005 ]
JoeRuzicka.jpg Here is the internet's best answer. I think we can all agree that the internet knows best, in all cases, all of the time.

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