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This Car Talks, Baby...
[ Sep 8, 2006 ]
Hoff.jpg My life reached a new milestone today, as may yours if you were late to the game as I was. In a set of chance coincidences, the probability lower than going to jail for cutting your mattress tags, the internet gave me her greatest gift yet: several free viewings of the latest LANDMARK in music, "Jump In My Car." A Ted Mulry Gang tune, shamelessly remade by the emboldened David Hasselhoff.

Yum, HOFFee Apples!!
The music is a respectful allusion to the great highs of an era celebrating upbeat rock beats peppered with soulful trumpet accents. Polished with sweet D's stylistic vocalities and timeless 5 count turnarounds, the melodies simply wrap themselves around you like grandma's afghan on a hot September day. Busy holding and eating your cake, you won't believe that it comes with ice cream. Yes, three backing honnies provide chromatically ascending callbacks, followed two bars later in angelic descent to create a perfect isosceles harmon-iangle.

Hot Cup of HOFFee
Supporting with strong visual appeal is a carefully woven "today-meets-tomorrow" construct of Heir Hoff's different styles and images. Smooth stepping transitions take us from the cool Knight inspired leather coat, jeans and T (Winkler could only wish to wear so well) all the way to Mitch Bucannan's red windbreaker emblazoned with the respected badge of those saving lives between applications of Coppertone (and sex). Using locations ranging from an alley to a green screen (and nowhere in between), the director's vision dares not let your eye stray from D-Hassel's disparate talents.

Don't Hassel The HOFF
Hoff ain't putting up with no guff. Two of the honnies show displeasure as he muscles the third into his long time carpadre, KITT. Cast as a lead-supporting figure of this multi-media assault, KITT comes through in the understated advocating fashion that only a talking, 0-60 in 0.2 seconds*, $11,400,000 car can. If KITT sang any harmonies, while surely excellent, they were too low in the mix. As the song's temperament for the honnie wears thin, KITT gladly ejects Hoff's feline without flashing a single warning light of jealousy. Classically HOFFtastic.

Let's make it HOFFicial
See for yourself on Google Video: Jump In My Car

* with power boosters

The Power of Vocabulary Lists (who will dare blog next?)
[ May 10, 2006 ]
THINKER.jpg For over a month now, El Buehn has owned the top blog spot. This blog, seemingly so great that no one dares challenge it, has essentially frozen all other potential bloggers (i.e. the band's professional writing staff).

How is it that one blog could evoke such intimidation amongst other authors? Who might possibly think their entry strong enough to take over that top spot? Can anyone ever replace the almighty "Definitions (IE, how to be 'cool' like Then Again)" entry? I don't think so, but why is that?

It's not as if the band hasn't been doing anything. Just last week we played a show in the Sears Tower. The Sears Tower! Gear was hauled up and down 78 stories to enable Then Again-ness to reach those on high. We went out that night and Joe got his face split open by a hockey puck while the rest of us drank away his pain. Or, what about the next day when we drove 5 hours into the bowels of the southern Midwest to rock out a graduation? What about the party after the show that lasted until 7am..what about when it picked up again at 10:30am? No? Not good enough? What about repeating the same thing again the next night? No? Maybe it's true, stories just don't pack the same punch as a vocabulary list.

The secret may be in Buehn's ability to truly epitomize an experience. He did more than tell a story, he was able to capture the essence of Then Again: its language. Who would want to challenge that? Not me.

Oh What a Nights
[ Mar 20, 2006 ]
LinePeopleShow.jpg Two shows, two nights. 8 hours of playing. Many advil, bottles of water, shots, and "wise" conversation. Though some of the memories have been lost in the fogs, here are a few that stuck with me....

- Losing an argument to a girl that I am in the band. In fact, I completely failed to prove not only that I was in the band, but that I even knew the band and wasn't just a roadie. After about 2 seconds of debate, I knew that I indeed had no proof and said, "Ok", pointing out a group of more recognizable band members.

- Why is it raining in our greenroom?

- Joe's Bar lighting engineer knows the show better than I do (thanks lightman Joe)

- Irish Jig dance in full lepricon apparel. Not sure how this can ever be improved upon. Itís such a nice feeling to be part of a group whose actions present the perfect marriage of inclusion with sensitivity.

- Jay is mid-song and spots someone in the front row dancing and drinking a yellow hued drink with no ice (RBV?). Instincts get the best of him, so he stops singing and shouts, "This guy's drinking piss!" Sure, why not?

- About 30 minutes before we went on Saturday night, we heard that the bar was full and was going on a "1 in 1 out" policy for fire code reasons. Feeling bad for those in the cold, we head outside to play for the "Line People". The Line People are treated to an acoustic montage of La Bamba, Cecilia, Country Boy, Wonderwall and something sounding like GnR's 'Patience'. Possibly because he kept yelling, "go home, the band is terrible!", Joe didn't catch me telling him that no one could hear his acoustic bass. Once he figured it out, he helped our 2 man rhythm section by thumping the "bass drum" part on beats typically reserved in western music for the "snare drum". Groovy. Overall, I believe the Line People were mostly appreciative, save for a large group of ladies who took Joe's advice and promptly left the line after hearing 1 song.

- Gina licking me on stage (suuure it was an "accident")

- Dario kissing me on stage (at least try to claim it was an accident)

- It is somewhere shy of 4am on Sunday morning, I'm politely trying to refuse a Yeagerbomb, Tank is yelling something about what is good for me....maybe he's, well, maybe.. yes?....sleep, sweet sleep I love you so.

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