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El Buehn ::  Something that's been bothering me.
[ Apr 17, 2009 ]
boylepage.jpg Then I put it together. Enough said.

El Buehn ::  Top Chef
[ Feb 26, 2009 ]
carlamotivator.jpg This lady scares me a little.

El Buehn ::  Top 10 Bono quotes from the TA Guest Book
[ Dec 17, 2008 ]
eggtree.jpg 5. "Its about bloody time Ryan SeaChrist and Hymon Cowell got with the act and came along to feedin the starvin and the sufferin with the Eggtree. There's just a little place on yer bloody globes known as 'Africa' that ye may not ave heard of, what with your Ninetendos and Station Playin and such."

4. "Yah, go ahead and have yourself a snicker while millions of starvin folks languish in hunger and depravation. Even the hated English knew better than to go a'blowin up a potato factory when there is so much suffrin in the world. What a great way to tell the Earth to go f&^k itself. Even Larry Mullin Jr isnt so blackhearted... and evry fiber of me being wants to stomp his stupid face with an English jackboot just to show him what a'stompin and oppressin is all about. But instead me and The Edge are a'workin on a knew project known as The Egg-Tree which, god willin, will feed all the starvin hordes out there that cant even afford to buy Zooropa (and what a peice of shite that was, we cant."

3. "With all the suffrin in the world a little more cant hurt- so i'll let you three in on a little secret. I am U2 and if it werent fer me yad all be flippin sherpherds pies by in back in Dublin. Except for you Adam Clayton. I hate your English face and wish i could stomp it with the same iron boot thats been astompin and oppressin around the globe causin so much suffrin. But you'll probably drop dead anyway you old c*&t."

2. "Never compare me to Larry Mullin Jr. Its all i can do every day not to smash his English face with a mic stand. Hey, The Edge, lets go have an egg."

1. "What's with all the matchmaking when there is so much suffering in the world today? I didn't write all these classic songs so you could fingerbang your girlfriend in the back of yer mothers Buick ya know. And stay away from me pot of gold!"

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